Awesome Ideas for Genius Hour Projects at School

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Awesome Ideas for Genius Hour Projects at School

Ideas for Genius Hour Projects : So you’ve heard all about Genius Hour at school and are totally pumped up to dive into an awesome passion project of your very own. But you’re scratching your head trying to come up with ideas that are actually doable. No worries! We’ve put together a mega list of imaginative Genius Hour project ideas ranging from creative and artsy, to science and techy, to helping the world be a better place.

With a mix of ideas you can tackle solo or with a team, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you. Get ready to unleash your inner genius! Whether you want to build a mini rollercoaster, code a video game, write a novel, help shelter animals, or invent something useful, we’ve got you covered with a springboard to spark your creative juices.

What Is Ideas for Genius Hour Projects?

What Is Ideas for Genius Hour Projects?

Genius Hour is a movement that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom.

For one hour a week, students are given the freedom to work on a project of their choice. This could be anything from building an app to knitting a scarf to writing a song. The possibilities are endless! Teachers guide students to choose a project that will teach them new skills and allow for self-directed learning.

How Does It Work?

  1. Students choose a topic they want to explore on their own. This could be a hobby, an area of interest, or a passion they want to pursue. The options are limitless!
  2. Students research the topic and create a plan for how they will spend their Genius Hour. This helps them organize their thoughts and gives them a roadmap to follow.
  3. Students work on their projects during the designated Genius Hour period. They can use this time to create, build, design, code, write, or develop whatever they’ve dreamed up!
  4. Students share their projects with the class. This allows them to teach others about their topic of choice and new skills they’ve acquired. It also builds their confidence in public speaking.
  • Genius Hour gives students freedom in the classroom to explore their interests and passions.
  • It fosters creativity, problem-solving, and innovation.
  • Students learn new skills through self-directed work.
  • Presenting projects builds confidence and communication skills.

Genius Hour is a rewarding experience for students and teachers alike. For students, it’s an opportunity to take control of their learning. For teachers, it’s a chance to see their students thrive as they pursue their passions. If you’re looking to inspire creativity in your classroom, Genius Hour is a perfect place to start!

Steps to Choosing Your Genius Hour Project

Choosing a Genius Hour project you’re passionate about is key to staying engaged and motivated. Here are some tips to help you find an awesome project idea:

Brainstorm Your Interests

Think about topics that really excite you. Do you love building robots, creating art, helping animals, learning to code? Write down anything that sparks your curiosity or creativity. Don’t limit yourself – the options are endless!

Research Project Ideas

Once you have a list of interests, do some research on potential projects in those areas. Check out websites like Make, Instructables and DIY for inspiration. See what kinds of projects other kids your age have done. Find something that intrigues you and fits your skills and available resources.

Define Your Goal

Decide on the goal or end product for your project. Do you want to learn a new skill, create something to share with others, help solve a problem, or just satisfy your curiosity about a topic? Having a clear goal will help guide you through the project planning and implementation.

Outline the Steps

Break down your project into manageable steps to keep on schedule. Figure out what materials or resources you’ll need and any help from teachers, parents or mentors. Create deadlines for yourself to stay on track. The more detailed your outline, the easier it will be to get started and make progress.

Choose a Project That Excites You!

The most important step is picking a Genius Hour project that you find genuinely exciting and interesting. Your enthusiasm and passion will motivate you through challenges and obstacles. If you love the project, you’ll be eager to work on it and proud to share your results with others. With the right idea and planning, you’ll achieve an awesome Genius Hour project experience.

Creative Genius Hour Project Ideas

Creative Genius Hour Project Ideas

Design a Board Game

Create your own board game or improve an existing game by designing new rules, game pieces or a game board. Test it out with friends and family to work out any kinks before sharing it with others.

Write and Publish a Book

If you love to write, consider authoring a book. You can write fiction, nonfiction, poetry or anything else. Use free tools to design, print and distribute physical or digital copies. Share your book with your school library or community center.

Learn to Code

Choose a coding language to learn, like Python, Java, HTML or Swift. Follow online tutorials and courses to build foundational skills. Then think of a simple web or mobile app to develop or a game to program. Coding is a valuable skill that can lead to exciting career opportunities.

Start a YouTube Channel

Create video content on a topic you care about to start your own YouTube channel. Film experiments, how-to’s, vlogs, comedy sketches or anything else. Build an audience by posting new videos regularly. Promote your channel on other social media platforms to gain more views and subscribers.

Volunteer in Your Community

Use your Genius Hour time to volunteer for a local charity or community organization. Help out at an animal shelter, food bank, nursing home or children’s hospital. Volunteer your skills for things like tutoring, gardening, building or repairing. Helping others is a rewarding way to spend your time and gain valuable experience.

Choosing a personally meaningful project for your Genius Hour allows you to explore your interests and passions. These creative ideas give you freedom to learn new skills and make a positive impact on the world around you. Discuss your options with friends, parents and teachers, then select a project that motivates and inspires you.

STEM-Based Genius Hour Projects

Looking for some genius hour project inspiration in science, technology, engineering or math? Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

Build a Robot

Who doesn’t love robots? For this project, design and build your own robot. Start with something simple like a robot that can move around on wheels or walk on legs you create. Program it to respond to commands or complete a basic task. Let your imagination run wild!

Create an App

If you’re tech savvy, why not design your own mobile app? Think of an idea for an app that could solve a problem or fill a need. Learn how to code and build the app yourself. See if you can get others to browse and use your creation!

Engineer a New Device

Put your engineering skills to the test by designing a new device or gadget. Some ideas could be a solar-powered phone charger, a bike generator to power lights, or even a prosthetic limb. Sketch your designs, build prototypes and improve on them. ###Conduct an Experiment Science experiments are always an engaging project option. Come up with a hypothesis around a topic you’re interested in and design an experiment to test it. For example, see if music affects memory, if gaming enhances hand-eye coordination or if certain foods boost immunity. Record your observations, collect data and determine if your hypothesis was correct.

Solve a Math Problem

For math-loving students, try tackling an unsolved math problem or logic puzzle. Some famous unsolved problems include the Goldbach conjecture, the twin prime conjecture and P versus NP. Or find a complex logic puzzle or brain teaser to work your way through. Apply mathematical concepts and logic to determine the solution.

With the freedom to explore your interests, genius hour projects give students the opportunity to be highly creative and innovative. Students with a passion for STEM fields can design genius hour projects that build valuable skills and could even lead to exciting future career opportunities. The possibilities are endless!

Tips for a Successful Genius Hour Project

Tips for a Successful Genius Hour Project

Genius Hour is a great way for students to explore their passions and learn skills that will benefit them for life. To make the most of this opportunity, here are some tips to ensure your project is a success:

Choose a topic you’re genuinely interested in. This is your chance to learn about something you’re passionate about, so pick a subject that sparks your curiosity. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to code, build a robot, or write a novel. The possibilities are endless!

Develop a plan. Once you’ve selected your topic, map out what you want to accomplish and the steps to achieve it. Set deadlines for yourself to stay on track. Your teacher can help guide you through this planning process.

Do your research. Learn as much as you can about your chosen subject. Read books, articles, and websites. Watch tutorial videos. Reach out to experts for advice. The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be.

Start creating! Dive in and start working on your project. Build that robot, write the first draft of your story, or create your first coding program. Don’t be afraid to fail – that’s how you learn. Ask your teacher or peers for feedback to improve your work.

Document your progress. Keep a journal, start a blog, make video updates, or share updates on a poster in your classroom. Documenting your journey will help you reflect on challenges and successes, and allows others to see your progress.

Share your results. Present your project to your classmates, school, and community. Share what you learned and the final outcome of your hard work. Be proud of your accomplishment!

With passion, planning, and persistence, your Genius Hour project can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Follow these tips and enjoy this opportunity to learn and grow in a subject you care about. You’ve got this!


Have a few questions about genius hour projects? Here are some common ones we get from students and teachers:

What exactly is a genius hour project?

A genius hour project lets you spend time each week researching and learning about something you’re passionate about. It gives you freedom to explore your interests and create something that matters to you. You get to choose any topic that fascinates you – it could be related to science, art, music, gaming, volunteering, you name it! The goal is to create something that makes a difference.

How much time should I spend on it?

Most schools allocate an hour per week for genius hour projects. Some also do one longer block of 3-4 hours a month. It’s up to your teacher, but in general aim for spending 3-5 hours a week on your project. You’ll need time for research, planning, creating, and sharing your results.

Do I have to produce something physical?

Not necessarily. Your genius hour project could result in a physical product, like a robot, app, or artwork. But it could also be a presentation, video, blog, lesson plan, or something else non-physical. The outcome depends entirely on your chosen topic and interests. Focus more on the learning and creating process, not just the end product.

How do I come up with a genius hour project idea?

Think about what you’re really interested in and passionate about. What do you enjoy learning in your spare time? What issues do you want to help solve? Some ideas include:

  • Learn to code and build an app
  • Start a recycling campaign
  • Learn sign language and teach it to others
  • Build models of historical architecture
  • Write and illustrate a children’s book
  • Organize a fundraiser for an important cause

The possibilities are endless. Choose something that motivates and inspires you! Your teachers and classmates can also help brainstorm ideas. The most important thing is picking a topic you care about.


So there you have it – a ton of awesome ideas for genius hour projects you can dive into at school. From coding and robots to art and music, there are so many cool topics you can explore. The most important thing is to pick something you’re really passionate about – that way you’ll stay motivated and have fun learning new skills. And remember, genius hour is all about going above and beyond regular coursework, so let your creativity run wild! What will you make? There’s only one way to find out – get started on your genius project today!


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