Becoming an Employee of BPS: A Guide for New Hires

Employee of BPS

Becoming an Employee of BPS: You’ve just been hired as an employee at Brevard Public Schools (BPS). Congratulations! As a new member of the BPS team, you likely have questions about what to expect. This guide will provide an overview of key things to know as you start your career with BPS. We’ll cover topics like the onboarding process, employee resources, work culture, professional development opportunities, and more. As one of the largest school districts in Florida, BPS offers a dynamic work environment with over 9,000 employees across nearly 100 schools.

Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, or support staff, you’ll find details on policies, procedures, benefits, and how to get involved in the community. Use this guide to hit the ground running and make the most of your experience as an employee of this innovative school district. Let’s get started!

Getting Hired as an Employee of BPS

Employee of BPS

To become an employee of BPS, the first step is to browse current job openings on the BPS career website and apply for positions you’re interested in. Once your application is reviewed, you may be contacted to schedule an interview. Be prepared to discuss your relevant experience, skills, and enthusiasm for the work.

The Interview Process

The interview process typically includes both a phone screen and an in-person interview. For teaching roles, there may also be a demo lesson. Dress professionally, bring copies of your resume, and come ready to share your passion for education and supporting students.

During the interview, you’ll meet with administrators and possibly a hiring committee. They’ll ask about your experience, teaching philosophy, and how you would handle different situations. Be authentic in your responses, provide concrete examples, and ask good questions to show your enthusiasm and determination.

Making the Final Cut

If selected for a position after the initial interview, you will go through a background check and drug screening. Once cleared, you’ll receive an official job offer detailing compensation and next steps to complete paperwork. This typically includes retirement plan enrollment, insurance selections, and new hire orientation.

Within the first month on the job, you’ll attend orientation to learn policies, procedures, and the overall school culture. You’ll also work with your manager or mentor to set goals and start getting familiar in your new role. Congratulations, you’re now an employee of BPS, part of a team dedicated to providing an excellent education for all students!

Onboarding and Orientation for New BPS Employees

Congratulations on your new role with Brevard Public Schools! Now that you’ve officially joined the team, it’s time to get oriented. The onboarding process will familiarize you with BPS policies and procedures, as well as the tools and resources available to help you succeed in your position.

Meet Your Colleagues

During your first week, you’ll meet with your manager and coworkers. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about your role and responsibilities. Your colleagues have a wealth of knowledge to share, so tap into that resource. Building good working relationships from the start will make the transition into your new role much smoother.

Review Policies and Procedures

You’ll receive an employee handbook outlining BPS policies, standards of conduct, and work rules. Review this handbook carefully. You’ll also complete mandatory training on topics like workplace harassment, ethics, and data privacy. Pay close attention to these critical policies so you understand your rights and responsibilities as an employee.

Get Familiar with Tools and Systems

As a new hire, you’ll receive login credentials for the employee portal, email, and any other systems needed for your role. Spend time exploring these tools and learning their functionality. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from coworkers or IT staff. The sooner you get up to speed, the sooner you’ll feel fully integrated into the team.

Questions Are Encouraged

The onboarding process can feel overwhelming, so ask as many questions as you need to. Your manager and coworkers want you to succeed in your new role, so don’t hesitate to speak up if you need clarification or guidance. With the right orientation and support, you’ll be thriving as a new employee of BPS in no time!

Pay and Benefits for BPS Employees

As a new employee of Brevard Public Schools (BPS), understanding your compensation and benefits is important. BPS aims to provide competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package to all employees.


BPS employees receive an annual salary based on their position, education, and years of experience. Salaries are reviewed annually and may be increased based on performance and budget. BPS uses salary schedules to determine pay for teachers and administrators. Support staff salaries are determined based on the market rate for the position.

Healthcare Benefits

BPS provides health insurance through the Brevard Public Schools Employee Health Care Plan. Employees can choose from several medical, dental and vision plans. BPS contributes a portion of the premiums for employee coverage. Employees are responsible for any premiums for dependent coverage.

Paid Time Off

As a BPS employee, you will receive paid holidays, sick days and vacation days. The number of days depends on your position and years of service. Teachers receive paid holidays and sick days but do not receive paid vacation. Support staff, administrators and 12-month teachers receive paid holidays, sick days and vacation days.

Retirement Benefits

Most BPS employees participate in the Florida Retirement System (FRS) Pension Plan. BPS contributes a percentage of your salary to your retirement account. Employees are also required to contribute a percentage of their pay. The FRS offers retirement, disability and death benefits. Employees are vested in the plan after 8 years of service.

Other Benefits

BPS offers additional benefits such as life insurance, flexible spending accounts, employee assistance programs and professional development opportunities. BPS also offers benefits for employee recognition, service awards and educator excellence.

The benefits provided by BPS help create a supportive work environment and allow employees to focus on their important work of serving students. Understanding your compensation and benefits will help you make the most of your career with Brevard Public Schools.

BPS Employee Resources and Support

Employee of BPS

Once you’ve joined the BPS team, there are many resources available to help you succeed in your role. Professional Development BPS offers many opportunities for you to strengthen your skills through ongoing training and coursework. From mandated training on topics like anti-harassment and child abuse reporting, to optional workshops focused on instructional strategies, BPS has you covered. They also offer tuition reimbursement for continuing education.

Technology & Tools

As an BPS employee, you’ll have access to technology and online tools that facilitate your work. The employee portal allows you to access pay stubs, leave balances, and update personal info. Schoology is the district’s learning management system, enabling you to share content, assignments and messages with students and parents. BPS also utilizes the Naviance system for college and career readiness planning. Make sure to take advantage of the technology training BPS offers to get up to speed on all the systems.

Wellness Programs

Teaching can be demanding work, so BPS offers resources to support employees’ health and wellness. The employee assistance program provides confidential counseling and referrals. BPS also hosts wellness events, and offers programs like weight loss challenges, mindfulness classes and exercise incentive campaigns. Medical insurance plans include mental health coverage as well.

Work Environment

As a BPS employee, you can expect a positive work environment where you feel valued and supported. Principals and supervisors aim to foster collaboration between teachers and staff. BPS prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion, and takes preventing harassment and discrimination seriously. Though the job certainly has its challenges, the rewards of working with students and shaping the future make it worthwhile.

With the resources and support BPS provides, you’ll have everything you need to thrive in your role as an employee. The key is taking advantage of all the opportunities for growth and self-care, so you can be the best educator or staff member possible. Welcome to the team!

Professional Development Opportunities

BPS offers its employees many chances to continue learning and improving their craft through professional development. As an employee of BPS, you’ll have access to a variety of useful resources and programs to expand your skills.

District-Wide Opportunities

Several times a year, BPS hosts district-wide professional development days where educators can choose from a menu of workshops, trainings, and seminars on various topics. This is a great chance to pick up new teaching strategies, learn about the latest educational technology, improve classroom management techniques, and connect with colleagues. BPS also organizes an annual back-to-school event with keynote speakers and breakout sessions.

Tuition Reimbursement

BPS supports its employees who want to continue their education by offering tuition reimbursement for approved college courses, certifications, and degree programs. As long as the program or courses relate to your position and are pre-approved, BPS will reimburse you for a portion of the costs. This benefit allows employees to earn advanced degrees, add certifications or endorsements, and open up more opportunities for career growth within the district.

Online Learning

The BPS employee portal gives you access to a wealth of online learning resources. You can complete interactive courses, watch video tutorials, read ebooks, and take assessments on topics like educational technology integration, social-emotional learning, ELL strategies, and more. These self-paced resources allow you to learn on your own schedule.

Workshops and Training

Individual schools and departments within BPS also organize their own professional development workshops and training sessions based on the needs of their staff. Principals may bring in experts on certain curriculum, programs, or teaching methods. Departments offer training on new procedures or technologies. These school-based opportunities, along with the other resources offered by the district, provide BPS employees with many options for continuous growth and improvement. Expanding your knowledge and skills will make you a better educator and allow you to better serve the students of BPS.

Work Culture and Environment at BPS

Employee of BPS

Working for BPS means joining a community of educators dedicated to helping students learn and grow. The culture at BPS emphasizes collaboration, creativity, and mutual support.

A Collaborative Work Environment

As a BPS employee, you’ll work closely with coworkers across many roles and departments. Teachers team up to develop engaging lessons, counselors and administrators work together to support students, and staff across the district share best practices. The open and cooperative environment means you’ll have opportunities to connect with colleagues, ask questions, and continue improving your practice.

Support for Growth

BPS offers many resources to help employees develop professionally. The district provides mentorship programs, funds continuing education, and hosts regular professional development workshops. Employees also have access to the BPS employee portal, which includes training courses on everything from using new educational technologies to supporting students’ social-emotional needs. The focus on growth and learning means there are always opportunities to expand your skills and advance your career.

A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

BPS aims to create an inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds feel respected and valued. The district prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and disability. BPS also works to recruit and support a diverse staff that reflects the communities it serves. Events like diversity job fairs and partnerships with minority-serving colleges help the district connect with candidates from underrepresented groups.

The culture at BPS is designed to bring out the best in employees so they can bring out the best in students. With a collaborative environment, strong support for growth, and a commitment to diversity, BPS aims to make work meaningful and help all staff thrive. The district’s mission to empower students depends on empowering the dedicated employees who serve them each day.

Roles and Responsibilities of BPS Employees

As an employee of BPS, you will have specific roles and responsibilities that contribute to the effective operation of the school district. Your responsibilities will depend on the level of you position and whether you’re part of the administration, teaching staff, or support staff.


If you’re in an administrative position, your role may include overseeing school operations, managing staff, developing curriculum, and ensuring compliance with district policies. Principals, assistant principals, and district superintendents are examples of administrative roles.

Teaching Staff

As part of the teaching staff, your primary role is to educate students and guide their learning. Teachers, teacher’s assistants, and substitute teachers make up the teaching staff. Responsibilities include developing lesson plans, instructing students, evaluating student work, and communicating with parents and administrators.

Support Staff

Support staff provide services that facilitate student learning. This includes roles such as librarians, guidance counselors, nurses, bus drivers, custodians, and cafeteria workers. Your responsibilities may include managing resources, ensuring student health and safety, providing transportation, maintaining facilities, and offering meals.

BPS employees all contribute to the district’s mission of providing high quality education and services to students. By fulfilling your designated roles and responsibilities, you help create an effective learning environment where students can achieve their full potential. Take pride in the work you do and know that you’re making a meaningful impact on students’ lives.

Navigating BPS as a New Employee

As a new employee of Brevard Public Schools (BPS), there’s a lot to learn. Don’t worry, though, help is out there. Your first stop should be the BPS employee portal. Here you’ll find resources like the employee handbook, benefits information, and links to sign up for district training. Speaking of training, as a new hire you’ll go through an orientation to familiarize yourself with BPS policies and procedures.

Once you’ve got the basics down, start building connections with your colleagues. Chat with teachers in your department or grade level, get to know the staff in your school’s front office, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your administrators and mentor can also help you navigate your new role. If you have kids of your own in BPS schools, take time to meet their teachers and get involved in the PTA.

BPS has a lot going on, so check out the community calendar on the website for events like school plays, fundraisers, sporting events, and festivals. Attending some of these is a great way to show your school spirit and connect with families in your community. When it comes to your own professional development, BPS offers many opportunities for growth. Take advantage of workshops and training on topics like classroom technology, mental health, literacy, and more.

As an employee of BPS, you have access to resources that will enrich both your career and personal life. From healthcare and retirement plans to employee discounts, make sure you understand all the benefits available to you. If you have questions about anything from payroll to leave time, the human resources department is there to help.

Starting a new job is always challenging, but as an employee of BPS you’ll find support every step of the way. Reach out, get involved, and take advantage of all the district has to offer. In no time, you’ll feel right at home in Brevard Public Schools.

FAQs for New BPS Employees: Answering Common Questions

As a new hire at BPS, you likely have many questions about what to expect in your role and how things work within the organization. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from new employees, along with answers to help you get settled in.

What are the work hours?

For most positions, the standard workweek is Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4 pm. However, some roles like teachers, bus drivers, and food service staff may have varying schedules based on school hours and student needs. Your specific schedule will be outlined in your offer letter or contract.

What benefits do employees receive?

BPS offers a competitive benefits package including health, dental and vision insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and more. The specifics of your benefits will depend on your position and hours. In general, benefits are available to all permanent employees working at least 20 hours per week.

How do I access my pay statements and W-2 forms?

You can access pay statements, tax documents, and other payroll information through the employee portal. You will receive login credentials for the portal during your onboarding process. Pay is issued biweekly on Fridays for the prior two weeks of work.

What resources are available for professional development?

BPS offers many resources for employees to strengthen their skills and advance in their careers. These include:

•Tuition reimbursement for approved college classes or certification programs.

•Free skill-building courses on topics like leadership, technology, and teaching strategies.

•Mentorship programs to help new employees acclimate to their role.

•Opportunities to serve on district-wide committees and task forces.

•Annual conferences and events to connect with colleagues across the district.

•Substitute reimbursement for teachers taking approved professional development days.

•A career ladder for teachers to earn promotions and salary increases.

Continuous learning and growth are an important part of the culture at BPS. Take advantage of the many resources available to help you thrive in your role.

Does this help address some of the common questions new employees may have? Let me know if you have any other concerns I can help clarify. I’m happy to provide more details on BPS policies, culture, benefits, and resources.


You’ve got this! Starting a new job can feel overwhelming but remember, we’re all in this together. As an employee of BPS, you are now part of a team that is focused on empowering our students and community. Bring your best self each day and don’t be afraid to ask questions. There will be challenges but also many rewards. Your role, no matter how big or small, contributes to the success of our schools. Stay positive, work hard, and make the most of this opportunity to make a difference! We’re excited to have you on board. Together, we will continue the important work of educating and inspiring the next generation.



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