Everything You Need to Know About the Central State University Alumni Association Page

Central State University Alumni Association Page

Central State University Alumni Association Page: You stroll across the lush green quad, gazing up at the stately brick buildings that housed so many late nights studying for exams. A flood of memories comes rushing back as you spot familiar faces – your college crew laughing together on the steps of the student center. Though it’s been a few years, this place still feels like home. As a proud graduate of Central State University, you’ll always bleed green and white.

Stay connected to your alma mater through the Alumni Association. They’ve got you covered with networking events, career services, an online directory to find old friends, and more. Get the inside scoop on everything the Association offers to keep that college spirit alive.

Connecting With Fellow Alumni on the Central State University Alumni Association Page

Central State University Alumni Association Page

One of the greatest benefits of the Central State University Alumni Association page is connecting with fellow alumni. Meeting Up at Events The association hosts alumni events year-round, from homecoming weekends to networking events in major cities. Attending these events is a fantastic way to reconnect with old friends and make new connections. You never know, you might meet a former classmate who can help you land your next job or client!

Posting on the Message Board

The alumni page features message boards where you can start discussions, ask questions of fellow alumni, and share memories from your time on campus. Posting on the boards is an easy way to engage with the alumni community and reconnect with people from your graduating class or major.

Sharing Your Story

The alumni page highlights alumni success stories and profiles. Consider sharing your own story to inspire fellow alumni and current students. Discuss your career path, lessons you’ve learned, favorite memories from Central State, or how your time at the university shaped who you are today. Your story could motivate others and forge new bonds within the alumni network.

Mentoring Students

Give back to your alma mater by volunteering to mentor current Central State students. The alumni association partners with the university to match students with alumni in their desired career field. Mentoring a student is a meaningful way to build relationships and help the next generation of Central State alumni achieve their dreams.

Connecting with fellow alumni is one of the most rewarding aspects of your affiliation with Central State. Tap into opportunities on the alumni page to meet up at live events, engage on the message boards, share your story, or mentor a student. The relationships you build can lead to new friendships, business connections, job opportunities, and a stronger alumni community.

The Benefits of Joining the Central State University Alumni Association

Joining your university’s alumni association has some major perks. As a member of the Central State University Alumni Association, you’ll gain access to networking opportunities, career resources, and ways to stay connected to your alma mater.

Networking and Social Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of joining the alumni association is the chance to network with fellow alumni. You’ll have access to social events like homecoming, alumni weekends, chapter events, and networking receptions where you can connect with former classmates and alumni in your industry. These social interactions can lead to new friendships, mentorships, job opportunities, and more.

Career Resources and Job Opportunities

The alumni association provides career resources like job boards, networking events, resume review services, and mentorship programs. They often post job and internship opportunities available through alumni employers. As a member, you’ll get exclusive access to these resources and job openings. You never know, your dream job could be just a click away!

Staying Connected to Campus

Joining the alumni association is a great way to stay up to date with your alma mater. You’ll receive newsletters, magazines, and emails with the latest campus news, event updates, and university achievements. Many associations also provide opportunities to attend campus events, meet with professors, and in some cases audit classes. Staying connected to Central State University will make you feel like you never left!

Membership in the Central State University Alumni Association provides benefits that can enrich your life for years to come. For a small annual fee, you’ll join a network of fellow alumni and gain access to career and social resources you can’t find anywhere else. Join today to take advantage of all your alumni association has to offer!

Exploring the Central State University Alumni Association Website

As a proud graduate of Central State University, the alumni association website is a valuable resource to stay connected with your alma mater and fellow alumni. Get Involved The association offers many ways for you to participate, from attending local chapter events to serving on the alumni board. You can also submit class notes to share your accomplishments and life events with former classmates in the alumni magazine. Giving back to CSU is easy through the alumni association—you can make a gift to your favorite campus organization or scholarship fund directly on their website.

Stay Up to Date

The alumni association homepage features the latest campus news, upcoming alumni events, and profiles of notable alumni. You’ll also find links to the university’s social media profiles to follow them on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The website makes it simple to update your contact information so you never miss an issue of the alumni magazine or invitation to a networking event in your city.

Resources at Your Fingertips

In addition to event listings and campus updates, the CSU alumni website offers useful tools and resources for former students. You can search the alumni directory to find old friends or network for your career. The career center resources provide tips for job searching, resume writing, and interviewing. You’ll also find archives of past alumni magazine issues, press releases, and photos to reminisce about your time on campus.

The CSU alumni association works hard to maintain lifelong relationships with graduates through their website and programs. By staying engaged with your alma mater, you open doors to new opportunities, reconnect with mentors, and support the next generation of CSU students. Exploring all the association website has to offer is a great first step toward becoming an active and involved alumnus.

Upcoming Events for Central State Alumni

As an alumnus of Central State University, there are many ways to stay engaged with your alma mater and fellow alumni. The CSU Alumni Association hosts various events throughout the year, both on campus and in alumni chapter locations nationwide. Here are some of the upcoming events you won’t want to miss.

Alumni Weekend

Every spring, CSU invites alumni back to campus for a weekend of reconnecting and reliving memories. You’ll enjoy receptions, campus tours, athletic events, and the chance to catch up with former classmates and professors. This year’s Alumni Weekend will be held April 15-17, 2022. Registration opens in January.

Regional Alumni Chapter Events

No matter where you live now, you can connect with fellow Central State alumni in your area. The CSU Alumni Association has over 50 regional alumni chapters across the U.S. Chapters host casual meetups, networking events, fundraising campaigns, and game watch parties. Check with your local chapter to find out what events they have planned. Some upcoming highlights include:

  • Chicago Alumni Chapter Fundraising Gala (October 2021)
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Alumni Chapter Family Day at the Zoo (August 2021)
  • Atlanta Alumni Chapter Mentorship Program Kickoff (September 2021)

Athletics Hall of Fame Induction

Each year, the CSU Athletics Department inducts outstanding former student-athletes, coaches, and athletic staff into the CSU Athletics Hall of Fame. Inductees are honored during a ceremony the night before a home football game. All alumni are welcome to attend the induction ceremony and celebrate the latest honorees. The 2021 Hall of Fame Induction will be held on October 15, 2021.

There are many exciting events held by the CSU Alumni Association each year. Be sure to check alumni.csu.edu/events regularly for the latest information on all upcoming alumni events. We hope to see you back on campus or at an event in your area soon! Go Marauders!

Get Involved: Alumni Association Board and Alumni Chapters

Central State University Alumni Association Page

As an alum of Central State University, there are many ways to stay involved and give back to your alma mater. Two of the best ways are by joining the Alumni Association Board or participating in a local alumni chapter.

Alumni Association Board

The CSU Alumni Association Board helps guide the direction of the association and organizes events and initiatives to engage alumni. Board members serve three-year terms and meet quarterly either in-person or via conference call. If you’re interested in a leadership position within the association, joining the board is a great way to shape its future.

Alumni Chapters

CSU alumni chapters exist in many cities and regions across the U.S. Chapters organize local events like networking socials, community service projects, and watch parties for CSU athletic events. Getting involved with your local chapter is an easy way to connect with fellow alumni in your area and stay up to date with news from campus. Most chapters have leadership boards and volunteer positions available if you want to take on a bigger role.

Whether you join the Alumni Association Board, volunteer with a local alumni chapter, or simply attend events, staying engaged with the CSU community after graduation has so many benefits. You’ll broaden your professional and social networks, mentor current students, gain valuable leadership experience, and ensure your CSU pride stays strong for years to come. Every alumni voice and all levels of involvement make a difference, so find the option that works for you and make it a priority to stay connected to your alma mater.

Giving Back: Supporting Current Central State Students as an Alum

As a proud alum of Central State, you understand the value of your degree and the opportunities the university provided you. Now you have the chance to give back to current Central State students through your alumni association.

Scholarships and Grants

The alumni association offers scholarships and grants for current students at Central State. By donating to the alumni scholarship fund, you help provide financial assistance to deserving students. Many students struggle to pay for college, and your donations can make a real difference in their lives by allowing them to pursue their dreams.

Mentorship Programs

The alumni association also coordinates mentorship programs to match students with alumni mentors in their field of study. As a mentor, you can provide guidance and advice to help students navigate their education and career. Your real-world experience is invaluable to students, and mentoring is a rewarding way to support the next generation of Central State graduates.


If you live near Central State or plan to visit, consider volunteering your time. You might volunteer to speak to a class about your career, help at alumni events, or work with student organizations. Students will appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for Central State. Volunteering also allows you to connect directly with students and see the impact of your support.

Giving back to your alma mater provides benefits beyond the financial. By supporting current students, you help Central State continue its tradition of excellence and open doors for future generations. And through mentorship and volunteering programs, you can reconnect with your own experience as a student. Join your fellow alumni in ensuring the best possible experience for today’s Central State students.

Alumni Association Membership Levels and Resources

As an alumnus of Central State University, you have access to many benefits through the Alumni Association. The association offers three membership levels—annual, lifetime, and legacy—with increasing benefits at each level.

Annual Membership

For just $25 per year, an annual membership provides access to career services, an online alumni directory, invitations to regional alumni chapter events, and a subscription to the CSU alumni magazine. This is a great way to stay connected to your alma mater on an ongoing basis.

Lifetime Membership

A lifetime membership, currently $500, provides all the benefits of an annual membership for life. In addition, lifetime members receive permanent listing in the alumni directory, an official CSU alumni brick for display on the Alumni Way walkway on campus, and eligibility for alumni travel programs. For many alumni, the lifetime membership is a meaningful way to cement their lifelong bond with CSU.

Legacy Membership

The legacy membership, at $1,000, offers lifetime membership benefits that can be passed down to a designated beneficiary, such as a child or grandchild. This membership ensures your CSU pride and traditions can live on for generations to come. Legacy members also receive an engraved legacy membership pin and certificate to proudly display.

In addition to memberships, CSU alumni can connect through over 100 regional alumni chapters and networks across the U.S. and get involved by serving on the National Alumni Association Board of Directors. The alumni association also hosts many campus and regional events each year, including reunions, networking receptions, community service projects, and the annual homecoming festivities.

No matter where life takes you after graduation, CSU and the alumni association are there to help you stay engaged with your alma mater and fellow alumni. Join or renew your membership today to access all the benefits of being part of the CSU alumni family.

Notable Central State University Alumni to Know

Central State University Alumni Association Page

Central State University has produced many notable alumni over the years. Here are just a few distinguished graduates to be aware of:

Wilberforce Whirlwinds. Some of the most well-known CSU alumni were key figures in the African American community. William H. Hastie, the first black governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands and a civil rights attorney, and Robert S. Abbott, founder of the Chicago Defender newspaper, were both Wilberforce University graduates before it merged with CSU.

Government Leaders. Several political leaders also got their start at Central State, including former Ohio congresswoman and the first African American and first woman elected to Congress from Ohio, Marcia Fudge. Troy Jackson, a former Maine senate majority leader, and Virgil Smith, Jr., a former Michigan state senator, are also CSU alumni.

Athletes. Central State has a history of notable athletes, including Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Cleveland Browns running back Leroy Kelly. More recently, Kevin Johnson, a former NFL cornerback, and Hugh Douglas, a former NFL defensive end and ESPN analyst, honed their skills at CSU.
Entertainers. A few Central State alumni have gone on to success in film, television, and music. Actor Dorian Harewood, known for roles in Full Metal Jacket and Sudden Impact, graduated from CSU. Gospel singer and pastor Marvin Sapp and R&B singer Lyfe Jennings also got their start at Central State.

Educators and Leaders in Higher Education. Finally, CSU has produced distinguished educators like M. Alfred Haynes, the first African American president of a predominantly white university, and Dr. Herman Blake, Jr., former president of Tougaloo College and Clark Atlanta University.

These notable alumni are a source of pride for Central State University and a reminder of the potential for greatness in all students. Their accomplishments and service are an inspiration, showing what can be achieved with hard work, perseverance, and a degree from Central State.

Central State University Alumni Association Page FAQs

As an alumni of Central State University, you likely have many questions about the alumni association and how you can stay involved with your alma mater. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from fellow Central State University graduates:

Do I have to pay dues to be a member of the alumni association? No, membership in the CSU Alumni Association is free. All graduates automatically become members upon earning their degree. However, there are additional benefits available through the National Alumni Association for an annual fee.

How can I update my contact information? You can update your address, phone number, email and employment information through the alumni directory on the alumni association website or by contacting the Office of Alumni Engagement directly. Keeping your contact info up to date ensures you receive the latest news and invitations to events.

Are there any alumni events I can attend? Yes, the CSU Alumni Association hosts several events each year, including alumni reunions, networking events, lectures, and more. Check the events calendar on the alumni website for dates and details. Local alumni chapters also organize get-togethers in many areas. These are a great way to connect with fellow Central State University grads.

How else can I support my alma mater? There are many ways for alumni to give back to CSU. You can make a donation to the alumni fund, volunteer your time through a local alumni chapter, mentor current students, hire CSU interns or graduates, or nominate fellow alumni for achievement awards. Any support you provide will help future generations of students at Central State University.

The CSU Alumni Association is dedicated to fostering lifelong relationships between the university and its alumni. By staying engaged with your alma mater, you gain valuable networking opportunities, continue the CSU legacy, and help ensure future students have access to the same high-quality education you received. Go Marauders!


So there you have it, fellow CSU alumni! Our amazing alumni association connects us to the rich traditions and vibrant community of Central State University. Whether you’re looking to get involved, give back, or just want to reminisce about your college days, the CSU alumni association has something for you. Let’s keep building on the legacy of this great institution by staying engaged through events, networking, and supporting current students. The CSU family is strong because of alumni like you. So get out there, get connected, and go Eagles!



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