Is it Safe to Study in Ukraine Now?

Study in Ukraine Now

Study in Ukraine Now: You’ve likely heard the news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This heartbreaking war has impacted millions of lives, including international students pursuing their degrees in Ukraine. As an aspiring scholar looking to study abroad, you may be wondering: is it still possible to study in Ukraine now? What are the risks versus rewards? In this article, we’ll explore the unique situation in Ukraine, examine the perspective of current international students living through war, and help you decide if studying in Ukraine could be right for you.

We’ll look at options for transferring schools or deferring enrollment. While the future is uncertain, we aim to provide an honest look at the realities in Ukraine so you can make the most informed decision. Though the war has changed things dramatically, the spirit and resolve of the Ukrainian people persist. There’s still much to gain from experiencing this diverse, historic nation. Together, we’ll weigh the pros and cons so you can determine if Ukraine fits into your academic journey.

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The Current Situation in Ukraine

Study in Ukraine Now

Political Turmoil and Conflict

Ukraine has faced significant political upheaval and conflict over the past decade. In 2014, the Euromaidan protests led to the overthrow of the pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych. Soon after, Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists took control of parts of eastern Ukraine. An ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine has claimed over 13,000 lives. The Minsk agreements established a ceasefire, but fighting still continues.

Rebuilding the Economy

Ukraine’s economy was badly damaged by the political crisis and conflict. However, the economy has started to recover, with GDP growing over 3% in 2019. Reforms are still needed to tackle corruption and improve the business environment. The country aims to build closer ties with the West, and the EU and Ukraine have a free trade agreement.

Safety Concerns for Students

The conflict in eastern Ukraine is localized, but students should exercise caution. Most of the country, including major cities like Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa are safe for students. However, you should avoid traveling to non-government controlled areas of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Theft and violent crime do occur in Ukraine, so take normal safety precautions. The U.S. State Department recommends that Americans in Ukraine enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security alerts and make it easier to locate you in an emergency.

While the political and economic situation remains uncertain, Ukraine can still be an attractive and affordable study destination, especially for degrees in fields like medicine, engineering and business. Many universities offer programs in English, and students can experience the culture of this diverse, former Soviet country. However, do thorough research on safety, costs of living and university quality before committing to study in Ukraine.

How the War Has Impacted Higher Education

The conflict with Russia in Eastern Ukraine has taken a major toll on the country’s higher education. Many universities suffered damage to infrastructure and loss of resources. However, most institutions remain open and international students are still choosing to study in Ukraine.

Despite budget cuts, Ukrainian universities continue providing high-quality education. Over 800 higher education institutions still operate, including top schools like National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and Lviv Polytechnic National University. Fees for international students are affordable, averaging under $5,000 per year at public schools.

While some facilities require renovation, many campuses were unaffected by the conflict. The majority of damage was confined to eastern areas, and most universities are located in central and western Ukraine, away from fighting. Schools in cities like Kyiv, Lviv, and Odessa continue operating as normal.

Safety concerns persist, but Ukraine’s west remains stable and welcoming to foreigners.Kyiv was ranked the 1 city for expats in 2018. Many international students report feeling secure studying in Ukraine, with proper precautions. The government values overseas students and has taken measures to ensure their protection.

Ukraine’s higher education system faces significant challenges. However, its long history of academic excellence endures. For motivated learners seeking an affordable European degree, Ukraine’s universities offer high quality programs in a unique cultural setting.Despite its hardships, Ukraine remains a rewarding place to study.

Are Universities in Ukraine Still Operating?

Most Universities Have Reopened

Despite the conflict with Russia, most universities in Ukraine have resumed operations. Over 95% of higher education institutions have reopened their doors to students. The government considers education a top priority and sees reopening schools and universities as a sign of strength and normalcy.

Safety Precautions Are in Place

Universities have security plans and emergency procedures ready in case of escalations in the conflict. Classrooms and dorms have bomb shelters, and drills are held regularly. While the chance of violence directly affecting campuses is small, the precautions aim to reassure students and parents.

International Students Are Returning

After a drop in international enrollments in 2014-2015, universities are attracting foreign students again. African, Indian and Middle Eastern students see Ukraine as an affordable option for a European education. Ukraine’s medical, engineering and arts programs are popular. Low tuition fees and living costs make it appealing.

Scholarship and Grant Opportunities

To attract more foreign students, many Ukrainian universities offer scholarships and grants covering 30-70% of tuition. The Ukrainian Government and private donors provide funding. Students can study in English or Russian, learning Ukrainian along the way. Most universities have dedicated international student support services to help foreigners adjust to life in Ukraine.

While the conflict in Eastern Ukraine remains unresolved, most of the country is stable and secure. Universities are open, operational and eager to welcome students from abroad. An education in Ukraine can be very rewarding, opening up opportunities to immerse in the culture and history. With safety precautions in place, universities are doing their utmost to create supportive learning environments for students of all nationalities.

Is It Safe for International Students to Study in Ukraine Now?

Political Unrest and Conflict

Ukraine has experienced political upheaval and conflict over the last few years, including the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014 and ongoing clashes between government forces and Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. However, the political situation has stabilized recently and major cities like Kiev, Lviv, and Odessa remain safe for visitors and international students. Exercise caution if traveling to eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

Affordable Tuition and Living Costs

Ukraine offers high-quality education at affordable prices for international students. Tuition fees at Ukrainian universities are significantly lower than in Western Europe or North America. The low cost of living also means students can manage their expenses on a modest budget. Rent, transportation, and food in Ukraine cost a fraction of what they do in most EU countries or the US.

World-Class Universities

Ukraine is home to many top-ranked universities, especially in fields like medicine, engineering, and aviation. Schools like the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, the National Technical University of Ukraine, and the Bukovinian State Medical University are internationally recognized for excellence in research and education. Programs are taught in Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

Experience a Unique Culture

Living in Ukraine offers international students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a culture that is both familiar yet foreign. Ukraine shares some cultural ties with Russia but has its own distinct traditions, music, art, and cuisine that students can discover. The beautiful architecture, historical sites, vibrant nightlife, and natural scenery make Ukraine a fascinating place to study abroad.

While political instability remains an ongoing concern, many international students find that the benefits of high-quality, affordable education and a unique cultural experience in Ukraine far outweigh the potential risks. With some common-sense safety precautions, students can feel secure studying and living in major Ukrainian cities. For those seeking an adventure in Eastern Europe, Ukraine provides an appealing and budget-friendly study abroad destination.

What Precautions Are Ukrainian Universities Taking?

Study in Ukraine Now

To ensure the safety of international students, Ukrainian universities are taking extra precautions.

Stringent admission requirements. Universities are thoroughly vetting all applicants to ensure they have legitimate reasons for studying in Ukraine. Applicants go through in-depth interviews and provide detailed statements of purpose to verify their intentions.

Increased security. Many universities have ramped up security measures, including security guards, ID checks, and metal detectors.

Dorm precautions. International student dorms have curfews, sign-in policies for guests, and security guards on duty. Some require students to check in if leaving for the weekend. These measures may seem stringent but are in place to ensure students’ safety.

Travel warnings. Universities strongly advise students to avoid travel to eastern regions of Ukraine, especially areas near Russian-backed separatists. They also warn against participating in any political protests or demonstrations that could put students in danger.

Emergency response plans. Each university has emergency response plans in place in case of threats to student safety. These include evacuating and relocating students if necessary. Many universities conduct emergency drills each semester to prepare.

While the conflict in eastern Ukraine is still ongoing, most of the country remains stable and safe, especially in large cities like Kiev, Lviv, and Odessa where most universities are located. However, students should exercise caution, avoid unsafe areas, and be aware of their surroundings at all times. By following the precautionary measures put in place by universities and using common sense, international students can feel secure studying in Ukraine. The rewards of experiencing Ukrainian culture, history and education far outweigh the risks for many.

Should I Still Consider Applying to Study in Ukraine Now?

Absolutely! Despite the conflict with Russia in eastern Ukraine, most of the country remains safe and open to international students. As an aspiring student, you have so much to gain from studying in Ukraine.

Ukrainian universities offer high-quality education at an affordable cost. Tuition fees are low compared to other European countries. You can study medicine, engineering, humanities and more, all taught in English. Universities like Taras Shevchenko National University and Sumy State University have strong reputations and many partnerships with universities worldwide.

While the political situation is complex, day-to-day life in western Ukraine goes on as normal. Major cities like Lviv and Kiev are very safe, welcoming destinations for foreigners and students. As in any country, exercise caution and check current events, but many international students continue to feel comfortable living and studying in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s culture and history are rich. You’ll have opportunities to learn the Ukrainian language, explore an often overlooked part of Europe, and experience a mix of Eastern and Western cultural influences in music, art, food and daily life. European and Soviet architecture stand side by side in the streets.

Despite economic challenges, Ukraine has a well-developed infrastructure and bustling cities. Public transit and amenities for daily life are very accessible as a student. While costs are low, living standards remain high.

If studying abroad in an affordable European destination appeals to you, consider being part of the next wave of students to discover all Ukraine has to offer. An adventure in learning and in life awaits. With some common-sense precautions, Ukraine can be a welcoming and rewarding place to spend your student days.

What Fields of Study Are Available for International Students?

Ukraine offers a wide range of programs for international students at its universities. No matter what subject area interests you, Ukraine likely has high-quality programs in that field of study.

Some of the most popular areas of study for foreigners in Ukraine include:

  • Medicine. Ukraine has a long tradition of excellence in medical education. Many international students pursue degrees in general medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing.
  • Engineering and Technology. Ukraine’s technical universities are highly regarded, especially for degrees in computer science, aerospace engineering, telecommunications, and architecture.
  • Business and Economics. Ukraine’s business schools provide world-class training in areas like international business, finance, marketing, and management.
  • Humanities. Ukraine offers programs in a range of humanities subjects, including linguistics, international relations, journalism, and education.

Tuition fees in Ukraine are affordable compared to other European countries. Most bachelor’s and master’s degrees cost between $2,000 to $5,000 per year. Some of the most prestigious universities like Taras Shevchenko National University and Lviv Polytechnic National University charge higher fees but still cost less than $10,000 per year.

Life in Ukraine is also inexpensive for students. You can live comfortably on $500 to $1,000 per month to cover expenses like housing, food, and transportation. The low cost of living and affordable tuition make Ukraine an attractive and budget-friendly study destination.

While Ukraine’s political situation remains unsettled, the majority of the country is safe for studying. Most universities are located in central and western Ukraine, away from conflict zones. However, check current events before traveling to Ukraine and exercise caution in some areas.

Overall, Ukraine provides high-quality, low-cost education with programs in a variety of fields. If you’re looking for an affordable European study experience, Ukraine has a lot to offer international students. Study in this Eastern European country can open you up to new cultural experiences and set you up for career success.

What Documents Are Required for International Students?

To study in Ukraine as an international student, you will need to gather several important documents to apply for admission and obtain the proper student visa. The requirements are fairly straightforward, but the process can take 3 to 6 months, so start preparing early.

First, you will need an official letter of invitation from the university you plan to attend. The university issues this letter once they have accepted your application. With the letter of invitation, you can then apply for a student visa at the Ukrainian embassy or consulate in your home country. For the student visa application, you will need:

  • A valid passport. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 1 year beyond the intended stay in Ukraine.
  • A completed student visa application form. This must be submitted in person at the embassy or consulate, along with:
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses during your studies. Usually, a bank statement showing available funds for at least 1 year of study is required.
  • Medical insurance for the entire duration of your study program. The policy must be valid in Ukraine.
  • A medical certificate confirming you are in good health. The certificate must be issued within 3 months of your visa application.
  • Translated and notarized copies of your official high school certificate, diploma, or degree. Documents must be translated into Ukrainian or Russian.
  • An official statement from your educational institution in your home country confirming your student status.
  • A return ticket or proof of funds to purchase a return ticket.
  • A passport-size photo.

With all documents in order and student visa approved, you can look forward to embarking on your educational journey in Ukraine. Once you arrive, you may need additional documents to register for courses, so check with your university for their requirements. The adventure is just beginning!

FAQs: Studying in Ukraine Now

With recent events in Ukraine, you probably have a lot of questions about studying there. Let’s tackle some of the most common concerns international students have.

Is it safe to study in Ukraine now, with the conflict going on? The short answer is that in most of Ukraine, yes it is safe for students. The conflict is contained to small areas in eastern Ukraine, far from major university cities like Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa and Kharkiv. As long as you exercise normal safety precautions, the risk to students in these cities is very low.

How will the conflict affect my student experience? For most students, university life will continue largely unchanged. However, there is some economic instability and currency inflation currently. Tuition and living costs may rise, though Ukraine remains very affordable compared to other European countries. Some universities have also had to cut or modify programs due to funding issues. It’s best to check with your university directly about any impacts.

Will I face challenges as an international student? Ukraine is generally very welcoming to foreign students. Most young Ukrainians speak English, and university programs are offered in English and Russian as well as Ukrainian. However, the bureaucracy can sometimes be difficult to navigate. It’s best to start your student visa application well in advance, and work with your university’s international student office. They can help guide you through the process.

What are the benefits of studying in Ukraine? There are many benefits to studying in Ukraine:

Study in Ukraine Now

•Affordable high-quality education. Tuition and living costs are low compared to most European countries.

•Experience a unique culture. Ukraine has a rich culture, architecture, and natural beauty. You’ll immerse yourself in a country with a fascinating history and identity.

•Build your career network. Make valuable connections with local and international students that can lead to opportunities after you graduate.

•Learn Russian or Ukrainian. Studying in Ukraine is the perfect opportunity to learn one of these languages, which are useful for business and politics.

•Travel around Europe. Ukraine’s central location makes it easy to travel to other European countries on breaks. You’ll be able to experience more of Europe during your studies.

Overall, while there are certainly challenges to studying in Ukraine currently, for many international students the benefits still far outweigh the risks. With some preparation and patience, you can have a successful study experience in Ukraine.


The choice to study in Ukraine now is complex. While the benefits of low tuition and quality education remain, the risks are real. Take time to research universities and speak with current students. Listen to the recommendations of embassies and education advisors. Then look inside yourself. If your adventurous spirit says go, your dream of an international education may thrive in Ukraine. But if the risks cause too much worry, there are safer alternatives abroad. Trust your instincts, as only you can decide if Ukraine is the right place for you now.



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