Key Dates and Deadlines in the Fordham Academic Calendar

Key Dates

Hey there students! The academic calendar is chock full of key dates and deadlines that you need to know if you want to stay on top of your studies at Fordham University. From the first day of classes to final exam week, there are tons of important moments in the semester you’ll want to mark in your planner. Knowing when to register for classes, drop a course, or submit work can make a huge difference in how smoothly your term goes.

Whether you’re a new freshman or a seasoned senior, take some time to get familiar with the academic calendar so you don’t miss any critical deadlines. This guide will break down the must-know dates so you can plan your year wisely. Let’s dive in!

Overview of the Fordham Academic Calendar

Key Dates

The Fordham academic calendar outlines important dates and deadlines for the school year. As a Fordham student, it’s crucial you are aware of and keep track of these key dates to avoid missing out or facing penalties.

The fall semester typically begins in late August and ends in mid-December. During this semester, you’ll have midterms in October and final exams in December. The spring semester runs from January through May. Midterms are usually in March and final exams are in May.

Fordham also offers winter and summer sessions with separate academic calendars. The winter session is a three-week term in January after the fall semester ends. The summer sessions run from May through August and offer a variety of short courses.

Some other important dates to note are the last days to add or drop classes, apply for graduation, submit final theses, and more. Holidays when the university is closed include Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day.

Registration Deadlines

Make sure you register for classes before the late registration period to avoid penalties. Late registration typically begins a week before the start of each semester. After this period, a late fee will be charged and class availability becomes more limited.

Final Exam Schedules

Final exam schedules are released around midterms. Exams typically last two hours and run Monday through Saturday. Make sure you know the dates and times for all your finals to prepare properly and avoid missing any exams.

Graduation Deadlines

If you plan to graduate at the end of the semester, be aware of all graduation deadlines to apply for graduation, submit final theses or dissertations, complete departmental requirements, and more. These deadlines vary by school and program, so check with your department for the specific dates.

Following the Fordham academic calendar and meeting all the key deadlines will help ensure you stay on track towards graduation. Be sure to bookmark the calendar page to refer to it frequently throughout the year. If you have any questions about dates or deadlines, contact your academic advisor.

Key Dates for the Fall Semester at Fordham

The fall semester at Fordham is always an exciting time, full of new opportunities and adventures. As a student, it’s important to be aware of all the key dates and deadlines to avoid missing out or facing penalties.

Early Decision Application Deadline

If Fordham is your top choice and you want to maximize your chances of getting in, apply for early decision. The application deadline for early decision I is November 1st. You’ll get your admission decision by mid-December.

Final Registration and Payment Deadline

Make sure to finalize your class schedule and pay your tuition and fees before the final registration and payment deadline. For fall 2021, the deadline is August 9th. If you miss this date, you’ll face late fees and risk losing your spot in certain classes.

First Day of Classes

Classes for the fall semester officially begin on August 30th. Double check your schedule, gather your books and supplies, and get ready to dive into another exciting semester of learning!

Fall Recess

Fordham’s fall recess runs from October 11th to October 12th. Enjoy a couple days off to rest, recharge, and catch up on assignments before heading into the second half of the semester.

Final Exams

Final exams for the fall semester will take place between December 13th and December 22nd. Be sure to start preparing and studying well in advance so you can finish the semester strong!

With all these key dates in mind, you’ll be set up for success during your first semester at Fordham. Stay on top of deadlines, ask if you have any questions, and make the most of all the opportunities ahead! The fall semester will be over before you know it.

Important Spring Semester Deadlines

The spring semester at Fordham University officially begins in January, but there are some key dates to be aware of beforehand.

Early Decision Deadline

For high school seniors looking to apply for early admission, the early decision application deadline is November 15th. Applying early decision means you will receive an admission decision by mid-December. If accepted, you must attend Fordham.

Early Action Deadline

If you want to apply early to Fordham but are not ready to commit to attending if accepted, apply for early action instead. The early action deadline is also November 15th. You will receive an admission decision by mid-January but are not obligated to enroll.

Regular Decision Deadline

For most students, the regular decision application deadline of January 15th will apply. You will receive an admission decision by early April and have until May 1st to accept your offer of admission.

Final Exam Period

Final exams for the spring semester take place the week of May 3rd through May 7th. Specific exam dates and times for your courses will be announced by your professors. Make sure you start preparing for your finals early!


Commencement ceremonies for Fordham’s undergraduate schools are held on May 22nd at the Rose Hill campus and Lincoln Center. What a wonderful way to celebrate earning your Fordham degree!

Other important spring dates include the last day to add or drop classes (January 27th), spring break (March 29th to April 2nd), and the unofficial end of classes (May 3rd). Be sure to check Fordham’s academic calendar for the specific dates each year. Following these key deadlines and dates will help ensure you have a successful spring semester at Fordham.

Summer Session Timeframes

Fordham University offers summer classes over two sessions to give students additional opportunities to earn credits outside of the traditional fall and spring semesters. The summer sessions typically run from late May through early August, with specific dates announced on Fordham’s academic calendar each year.

Early Summer Session

The early summer session begins in late May, shortly after the spring semester ends. It lasts for around three weeks, ending in mid-June. This condensed session allows students to take intensified courses, earning three credits in a short period of time. The early summer session is ideal if you want to get ahead or need to make up credits.

Late Summer Session

The late summer session starts in early July and runs for six weeks until mid-August. Offering a longer time frame, the late summer session provides students more flexibility to take additional courses or pursue internship opportunities. With New York’s warm summer weather, you can also enjoy the city’s many recreational activities when you’re not in class.

Some important deadlines to be aware of for Fordham’s summer sessions include:

Registration – Begins in March for early summer and April for late summer. Complete registration for your desired courses through My Fordham.

Drop/add period – Make any needed changes to your schedule during the first week of classes. After this period, drops will incur a fee and affect your transcript.

Withdrawal deadline – The last day to withdraw from a course without academic penalty. Withdrawals after this date will appear as “W” on your transcript.

Final exam period – Check the academic calendar for the exam schedule for your specific courses. Exams typically take place during the last week of the session.

Fordham’s summer sessions provide an excellent opportunity to get ahead in your studies or pursue interests outside of your normal curriculum. With smaller class sizes and a more relaxed atmosphere, you can focus on the subjects that matter most to you. The summer sessions may feel short, but you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish!

Early Decision and Early Action Deadlines

Key Dates

If Fordham University is your top choice for college, applying through the Early Decision or Early Action programs may be appealing options. Early Decision is a binding application, meaning that if accepted, you agree to enroll at Fordham. Early Action is non-binding, so you can apply to other schools and weigh all your options before making a final choice.

For the Gabelli School of Business and Fordham College at Rose Hill, the Early Decision deadline is November 1st and the Early Action deadline is November 15th. Applicants will be notified of a decision for Early Decision by December 15th and for Early Action by February 1st.

For the School of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS), Early Decision and Early Action deadlines are December 1st and December 15th respectively. Decisions will be released by January 15th for Early Decision and February 15th for Early Action.

If Fordham is your first choice and you’re ready to commit if accepted, Early Decision is a great option. Meeting the November 1st deadline ensures your application will receive the highest consideration and priority in the review process. Just be absolutely certain Fordham is the perfect fit, as you’ll be making a binding commitment.

Choosing Early Action gives you more flexibility. You’ll still receive priority consideration, with the advantage of comparing financial aid and scholarship offers from multiple schools before making your final enrollment choice. The November 15th deadline provides adequate time to thoughtfully complete your application and submit test scores.

For the most up-to-date information on Early Decision, Early Action and all admissions deadlines, be sure to visit Fordham’s Undergraduate Admissions website. Meeting with your guidance counselor and creating a balanced list of target schools is also helpful. Applying early, especially to your top choice schools, can relieve stress and give you more control in the college search process.

Registration and Enrollment Cutoffs

As the school year approaches, there are several important dates regarding registration and enrollment at Fordham that you need to keep in mind. To avoid late fees or missing out on classes, be sure to register for classes before the cut-off dates.

Course registration

Fordham has specific dates for registering for fall, spring and summer courses. For undergraduates, fall course registration usually begins in April, spring course registration in November, and summer course registration in March. Graduate and professional school students should check their program’s academic calendar for registration dates. Registering for classes before the cut-off date will ensure you get the courses you need and avoid late registration fees.

Drop/add deadlines

If you need to adjust your class schedule after registration, Fordham has deadlines for dropping or adding courses. For undergraduates, the fall drop/add deadline is usually in the second week of the semester, spring drop/add deadline is in the first week of the semester, and summer drop/add deadline is in the first week of the session. Check the academic calendar for the specific dates each semester. After these deadlines, dropping a course may result in a “W” on your transcript and adding a new course may not be permitted.

Enrollment deposit deadline

For newly admitted undergraduates, Fordham requires an enrollment deposit to secure your place in the incoming class. The enrollment deposit deadline is May 1st for most programs. Submitting your deposit before the deadline guarantees your spot at Fordham and allows you to register for housing and attend orientation. After May 1st, Fordham may withdraw your offer of admission if you have not submitted an enrollment deposit.

Leave of absence requests

If you need to take time off from Fordham for medical, personal or other reasons, you must request a leave of absence. Leave of absence requests must be submitted before the semester begins to avoid being charged tuition and fees. Undergraduate students must request a leave of absence through the Dean of Students. Graduate and professional school students should contact their program director.

Keeping track of these important dates will help ensure you have a smooth academic experience at Fordham. Check Fordham’s academic calendar regularly and contact the relevant departments with any questions.

Final Exams and Grades Due Dates

As the semester draws to a close, you’ll want to keep track of key dates for final exams and when grades are due. During finals week, most classes will hold exams or final projects in place of regular class sessions. Make sure you’ve reviewed all materials and feel prepared—cramming at the last minute will only increase your stress!

Final Exams

Final exam schedules are posted on the Academic Calendar in November for the fall semester and March for the spring semester. Exams may be held in your regular classroom or a larger auditorium, so check the details. Plan to arrive early, bring pencils, a watch and your Fordham ID.

Grades Available

Grades are submitted by instructors within a week of final exams ending. You can view and print your official grades on under Student Self-Service. Midterm grades for undergraduate students are also available on Self-Service in October and March. Please note that grades are not mailed to students and will not be given over the phone due to FERPA regulations regarding student privacy.

If you have questions about a final grade, first contact your professor. Grade appeals or changes must be requested within 6 months of the end of the semester. To appeal a grade, submit a written request with supporting evidence to your school’s dean.

With finals complete and grades posted, you’ve made it through another successful semester at Fordham! Take a well-deserved break over the holidays—the spring semester will be here before you know it. Check the Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines to help you start the next semester off right.

University Breaks and Closures

The Fordham academic calendar includes several breaks when classes are not in session and the university is closed. These closures allow students and faculty time off to rest, recharge and reconnect with loved ones outside of the normal routine.

Over the winter holidays, Fordham University closes for an extended break so students can go home and spend time with family. The university is closed from December 24 through January 1. All university offices are closed during this time, though some student services may operate on an emergency basis.

Fordham also observes national holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. The university closes on these days so students and faculty can enjoy the time with friends and family. Offices are closed and classes are canceled.

In between the fall and spring semesters, Fordham has a short winter break. The university officially closes from December 20 through January 19. During these weeks offices may operate on limited staff, but classes are not in session so students and faculty can rest up for the start of the new term.

Fordham’s summer sessions have more flexible schedules to accommodate students’ work and travel plans. While classes and offices remain open during most of the summer, the university is closed on Independence Day, July 4.

It’s important for students to be aware of these closure dates and plan travel, work schedules, and assignments accordingly. Professors often assign more work over the breaks or around the holidays to make up for lost class time. Students should also check with their professors about assignment due dates that may fall on or around a university closure day.

Planning your time and managing workloads effectively around Fordham’s break schedule will help ensure you stay on top of your courses and make the most of your time off. A well-deserved rest will recharge your mind and body so you can start each new term feeling refreshed and ready to learn.

Key Dates and Deadlines in the Fordham Academic Calendar FAQs

Key Dates

The Fordham academic calendar contains important dates and deadlines you need to know to successfully navigate each semester. Some of the most frequently asked questions about key dates in the calendar are:

When are tuition and fees due? Tuition and fees for the fall semester are typically due in early August, while spring semester charges are due in early January. The exact due dates can be found on the Bursar’s Office website each semester.

When do classes start? The first day of fall classes is usually the last week of August. Spring classes typically begin the third week of January. Check the Registrar’s Office website for the official start dates each semester.

What if I need to drop or add a class? The add/drop period typically ends one week after classes start. During this time, you can add or drop classes without penalty. After the add/drop deadline, dropping a class requires approval and may result in a “W” on your transcript.

When are final exams? Final exams are usually held during the 15th week of classes in the fall and spring semesters. The official exam schedule is posted on the Registrar’s Office website at least a month before finals begin.

When are grades available? Professors have approximately one week after finals to submit final grades. Grades are typically posted online through Self Service within 10 days after the last day of exams.

When are the semester breaks? There is a fall break in October, a Thanksgiving break in November, a winter break between semesters in December/January, and a spring break in March. The specific dates for each break period can be found on the official Academic Calendar.

While the Fordham academic calendar contains a lot of information, focusing on these key dates and deadlines each semester will help ensure you stay on track. Be sure to also check with your school or department for any additional important dates. If you have any other questions about the calendar, contact the Registrar’s Office.


That covers the key dates and deadlines to keep in mind as you navigate Fordham’s academic calendar. By planning ahead and marking your personal calendar with these important Fordham dates, you’ll be set up for success in the semester ahead. Stay on top of deadlines for decisions, registration, financial aid, and more. With the right preparation, you can make the most of your time at Fordham and achieve your academic goals. Now you’re equipped with the info you need to plan a productive year!

Remember to utilize all available resources as you navigate the Fordham academic calendar. Reach out for help when needed – your professors, academic advisors, and other staff are there to support your success. Ask questions to clarify any details that remain unclear. Connecting with your peers can also be invaluable; working together to discuss course material and deadlines can reinforce important information.

Taking a holistic approach to your academics and wellbeing will serve you best. Manage your time wisely to balance your coursework, extracurriculars, and personal needs. Get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise regularly. Forming healthy habits now will sustain you through the rigors of your studies.

Above all, stay positive and motivated throughout the semester. Visualize your goals and remind yourself of why you chose to study at Fordham. Maintain a growth mindset, embracing challenges as opportunities to learn and improve. With grit, perseverance and a support system in place, you’ve got this!



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